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Why I Chose DIS

It’s crazy to believe for the next five months I will be living and studying in Stockholm, Sweden! Never in a million years did I think I would ever get the opportunity to live abroad and travel. During my time abroad, I will studying with DIS Study Abroad in Scandinavia with the core course of Positive Psychology.

Studying Positive Psychology will give me the opportunity to study what makes life meaningful for individuals. As well as, the influence society and our own subjective minds impact us when it comes to what makes us happy and how we can maintain it. This course is something I am extremely excited to take because mental health is such an important aspect that has not been discussed much in the past because of the many negative misconceptions and stereotypes it has. However, times are changing and I am extremely grateful to be studying Positive Psychology in what is considered “one of the happiest” countries in the world!

Along with Positive Psychology, I will also be taking Psychology of Loneliness, Developmental Psychology, a history course on The Vikings (I love history!), as well as, Swedish Language and Culture I.

The best part about this program is the fact that it was designed for students who want to travel while abroad as well. In my core course, we are also given a Study Tour where we will be heading to Athens, Greece to learn more!

It honestly hasn’t hit me yet that I will be leaving home in literally 2 days. However, I am extremely excited for what’s to come! Thanks for reading and see you guys next post!

For those who would want to learn more about DIS and their program, the link is attached below!


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